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The End Of Violence

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Year: 1997
Categorie: Film - use on
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 1.- Define Violence                     Ry Cooder 
 2.- Shouldn't You Know                 Traci Lind 
 3.- Every Time I Try                        Spain 
 4.- Untitled Heavy Beat (Part 1 & 2)    DJ Shadow 
 5.- I'm Not Your Baby        U2 & Sinead O'Conner 
 6.- Strange World                    Bill Pullman   
 7.- Little Drop Of Poison               Tom Waits   
 8.- Disrobe                Medeski, Martin & Wood   
 9.- Injured Bird    Michael Stipe & Vic Chestnutt   
10.- Bailare (El Merecumbe)              Raul Malo
11.- Me Estas Matando                    Los Lobos
12.- Mr. Wobble                     Latin Playboys
13.- Theme For A Trucker               Whiskeytown
14.- Unintinetional Prayers         Andie McDowell
15.- You May Feel Me Crying            Roy Orbison <--  ALSO 
16.- Bad News                                 Eels   
17.- Don't Even Know She Got One          Howie B.
18.- In A Heartbeat                   Bill Pullman 

Additional information:
alternate soundtrack by Ry Cooder, no eno involvment

The only previously unheard song that has been released
after the 1992 King of Hearts album is a rough demo 
called You May Feel Me Crying, which was produced, 
orchestrated and finished up and by (former) Techno 
musician and U2 producer Brian Eno. The song was 
included in the soundtrack to the movie 
The End of Violence, directed by Wim Wenders.