BEEP discografie entry for The Pavilion Of Dreams
The Pavilion Of Dreams
Harold Budd

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Year: 1978
Categorie: Coll-Production (Obscure)
Cover Art Credits:
(LP Cover from EG)
The Cover Photograph
Is From A Video By 
Brian Eno
Producer info:
Brian Eno
Recording Location info:
Basing Street Studios, 
London, November 1976
Catalog info:
LP:Island:Obscure No.10
   EG Obscure  Obs 10
   EG Records EGED 30
More Covers: M 2
1.- Bismillahi 'Rrahman 'Rrahim (74)      18:23 <--  sound 
2.- Two songs (1973-74)                    6:19
    -Let us go Into the House of the Lord
    -Butterfly sunday
3.- Madrigals of the Rose angel (72)      14:16
    -Rossetti Noise
    -The crystal garden and a Coda
4.- Juno (1975)                            8:18

Additional information:
Brian Eno: Voices and production
Engineered by Rhett Davies
1:Marion Brown      Alto Saxophone
  Harold Budd       Electric Piano
  Maggie Thomas     Harp
  Richard Bernas    Celesta
  Gavin Bryars      Glockenspiel
  Jo Julian,
  Michael Nyman,
  John White,
  Howard Rees       Marimba
2:Lynda Richardson  Mezzo soprano
  Maggie Thomas     Harp
3:Richard Bernas    Electric Piano
  Maggie Thomas     Harp
  Gavin Bryars      Celesta
  Nigel Shipway     Percussion
  Lynda Richardson,
  Margaret Cable,
  Lesley Reid,
  Ursula Connors,
  Alison MacGregor,
  Muriel Dickinson  Chorus
  Harold Budd       Conductor
4:Harold Budd       Piano,Vocals
  Gavin Bryars      Glockenspiel,Vocals
  Jo Julian         Vibes,Vocals
  Michael Nyman     Marimba,Vocals
  John White        Percussion,Vocals
  Howard Rees       vibes
  Brian Eno         Vocals
Aditional notes on the songs:
1:  Composed for Marion Brown;
    Arabic For : "In The Name Of God, The 
    Beneficient, The Merciful"
    This Injunction Precedes Each Chapter 
    Of The Holy Koran . (Al Quran)
2:  -Let us go Into the House of the Lord
      A setting of traditional hymn
      After a version of Pharoah Sanders
    -Butterfly sunday:
      Adapted from John Coltrane's After The Rain
4:  Composed by John Bergamo;
    Her mortal Symbols is the Peacock