BEEP discografie entry for Curiosities vol 2
Curiosities vol 2
Brian Eno

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Year: 2004
Categorie: Compilation (Solo)
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Catalog info:
 1.- Summer Ride                    5:30
 2.- Haslet                         4:59
 3.- Beta Recall                    4:21
 4.- Move                           3:05
 5.- Fat Nude Dance                 3:01
 6.- Native Tambourine              3:18
 7.- Bright Alarm                   2:14
 8.- Watch The World                2:38
 9.- Church                         8:08
10.- Swept                          7:14 
11.- Fields of Ice                 10:11
12.- Asteroid Dawn                  4:32

Additional information:

As Robert Fripp said to me recently: "I used to be indecisive but now 
I'm not sure". I'm not sure either, at least I don't think I am. 
I'm normally wildly enthusiastic about any piece while I'm making it, 
although when I look across the  breakfast table the next day they 
don't always seem quite so appealing ( -it's amazing what those red 
studio lights do for a complexion). However, one criterion for 
choosing these pieces was that I was always happy to see them 
again, even if I didn't know quite what place they held in the scheme of 

As with the first volume of Curiosities, these were chosen because 
they're odd-men-out, music unlikely to ever meet enough companions to 
make a whole CD in a single coherent style. 

As it turns out, the CD splits into two halves of identical length - half of it 
with some sort of beat followed by half without a beat. 

It was very hard deciding what to put on the CD. We changed it many 
times, and finally committed ourselves to this group. I used to be unable 
to make commitments but I'm not sure that's a view I'd 
stand by now.