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Bell Studies Clock Of The Long Now
Brian Eno

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Year: 2003
Categorie: Solo/Ambient - installation
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Brian Eno
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 1.- Fixed ratio harmonic bells                              23.22
 2.- Changes where bell number = repeat number               03:30
 3.- 2 harmonic studies                                      06:05 <--  sound 
 4.- Deep glass bells (with harmonic clouds)                 03:17
 5.- Dark cracked bells with bass                            01:59
 6.- German-style ringing                                    03:19
 7.- Emphasizing enharmonic partials                         03:01
 8.- Changes for January 07003, soft bells, Hillis algorithm 10:40
 9.- Lithuanian bell study                                   01:26
10.- Large bell change improvisation                         01:23
11.- Reverse harmonics bells                                 02:45
12.- Bell Improvisation 2                                    01:40
13.- Virtual dream bells, thick glass                        03:59
14.- Tsar Kolokol lll (and friends)                          03:59
15.- 1st - 14th January 07003, hard bells, Hillis algorithm  05:09

Additional information:
Bell Studies For The Clock Of The Long Now

This record has grown out of the Long Now Foundation's 
project - the Clock of the Long Now. This is an idea to 
create a working clock which will mark time for ten 
thousand years - not really because we need more 
clocks in the world, but because we need more 
encouragement to start contemplating the possibility of 
a distant human future. The Clock of the Long Now is 
an icon to long-term thinking.

When we started thinking about The Clock, we naturally 
wondered what kind of sound it could make to announce
 the passage of time. I had nurtured an interest in bells 
for many years, and this seemed like a good alibi for 
taking it a bit deeper.

I began reading about bells, discovering the physics 
of their sounds, and became interested in thinking 
about what other sorts of bells might exist. My 
speculations quickly took me out of the bounds of 
current physical and material possibilities, but I 
considered some licence allowable since the project 
was conceived in a time scale of thousands of years, 
and I might therefore imagine bells with quite different 
physical properties from those we now know. And as 
I started trying to make bell sounds with my 
synthesizers, I got diverted by some of the more 
attractive failures.

-- Brian Eno

All profits from the sale of this record will be 
donated to the Long Now Foundation. The first prototype 
of the Clock is working and on permanent display at the 
Science Museum in London. This CD has fifteen tracks 
and a total playing time of 75 mins 43 seconds.

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