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We Love You

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Year: 1998
Categorie: Compilation (Various)
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 1.- Useless Man                         Minty, mixed by The Grid
 2.- Mantra of the Broken Powers   Barry Flanagan & Hugh Cornwell
 3.- You're My Favourite Pop Star Jessica Voorsanger & Dumb Angel
 4.- The Mysterious Mister Bickerton      Ashley Bickerton & Gray
 5.- Burning Up                          Tracey Emin & Boy George
 6.- Crash                                       Towering Inferno
 7.- Bloodlines               Gil bert & George & Stefan Girardet
 8.- I Want to be Erected                               Macrohard
 9.- Sensual Zero Gravity                  Marc Quinn & Brian Eno <--  ALSO 
10.- No. 2                                           Zero Gravity
11.- The Fullness that Fills up 
     the Pulse of Durations if Full      Chris Ofili & Add N to X
12.- Silent Revolution             Rufus Knightwebb & Derrick May
13.- Je t' non plus                     Sam Taylor-Wood
                                  (produced by The Pet Shop Boys)
14.- Sometimes (Hey Now, Hey Now)                   Duggie Fields
15.- DIgital Rim Smear Discharge      Solar Anus Jake Chapman & 
                                                  Russell Haswell
16.- Hypnotic Suggestion               Jane & Louise Wilson & MI7
17.- All About Love                                Georgina Starr
18.- My Way                  Gavin Turk, mixed by the Dub Pistols

Additional information:
Notes: We Love You is a book + CD that brought 
together loads of Young British Artists with musicians,
for a series of artistic and musical collaborations.
Brian provides "Sensual Zero Gravity" with added 
words and noises by Marc Quinn. The track is an 
extended version of "Coasters" from The Drop. 
Quinn's input is the kind of uneasy-listening 
monologue done rather better by Chris Morris' 
radio programme Blue Jam, the book is uninspiring 
and the track says nothing new about Drop Music in 
this form that The Drop hasn't already covered.