BEEP discografie entry for Kite Stories
Kite Stories
Brian Eno

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Year: 1999
Categorie: Solo/Ambient - installation
Cover Art Credits:
Brian Eno
Producer info:
Opal Ltd.
Recording Location info:
nov-dec 1999
Catalog info:
Opal no #

1.- Kites I      8:06
2.- Kites II     7:34
3.- Kites III   14:30 <--  ALSO  <--  sound 

Additional information:
Installation by Brian Eno

I think of shows like this as "music in more 
dimensions" or perhaps "music for more
senses". The music in this installation was made
 in my studios in London, by a process more similar 
to painting or collage than conventional music 
composition. One element in it is nearly 20 years old;
most of it was made last week. The music is
divided into 8 independent layers, one of which 
is playing on each CD player. Since these players 
are not synchronized, the music constantly recombines
into different patterns.

The text is taken from the Japanese story "Onmyo - Ji"
by Reiko Otano and was read by Kyoko Inatome. 
I time-stretched her readings using "Sound-Designer" 
software, and then re-pitched the stretched voice
using Digitech Studio Vocalist. 

Special thanks to

Marlon Weyeneth: Technical assistant to Brian Eno
Catherine Dempsey: Organisation (London)
Charmian Norman-Taylor: Administration and 
Japanese-English translation At Kiasma