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Desert Island Selection
Brian Eno

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Year: 1986
Categorie: Compilation
Cover Art Credits:
(Back Cover)
Malcolm Garret @ 
Assorted Images
Images: Russel Mills
Producer info:
Brian Eno/Rhett Davies
execpt 4,11 By Brian Eno
6,10 by Brian Eno assisted 
by Phil manzanera
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
    Polydor 829 036-2
More Covers: M
 1.- Here He Comes                     <--  FROM 
 2.- Everything Merges With The Night  <--  FROM 
 3.- I'll Come Running                 <--  FROM  <--  sound 
 4.- On Some Faraway Beach             <--  FROM 
 5.- Spirits Drifting                  <--  FROM 
 6.- Back In Judy's Jungle             <--  FROM 
 7.- St. Elmo's Fire                   <--  FROM 
 8.- No One Receiving                  <--  FROM 
 9.- Julie With                        <--  FROM 
10.- Taking Tiger Mountain             <--  FROM 
11.- 1/1                               <--  FROM 

Additional information:
Songs from the period 1973-1978

The LP version of this CD is called "More Blank than
Frank" In wich the tracks varies.