BEEP discografie entry for Em:t 3396/strange Familiar
Em:t 3396/strange Familiar
Russell Mills / Undark

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Year: 1996
Categorie: Collaboration/Ambient
Cover Art Credits:
Russel Mills
Producer info:
Sculpted And Produced By
Russell Mills
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
tme 3396 (1996)
instinct records:
INS526-2 (2000)
More Covers: M
1.-  Red Scatter               7:26   <--  ALSO 
2.-  Ice In The Sleeve         7:03
3.-  Stone's Eggs             14:34
4.-  Blood Is Climbing         8:58
5.-  Rain In Our Room         10:57 <--  sound 
6.-  How Safe Is Deep?         7:41
7.-  Underground Kite          9:06
8.-  Her 200 Bones             6:54

Additional information:
Originally issued in 1996, reissued in 2000 by bella
Union (instincts).

Russel Mills, Tom Smith & Will Joss, Michael Brook, 
Declan Logan, Hywel Davies, Edge, Brian Eno, Roger 
Eno, Robin Guthrie, Bill Laswell, Kevin Shields, David