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Latenight Tales
The Flaming Lips

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Year: 2005
Categorie: Cover
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Catalogue Number: ALNCD13
Label: AZULI
 1.- Unravel                                           Bjork
 2.- My Ship                                     Miles Davis
 3.- Speed Of Sound                               Chris Bell
 4.- A Bit Of A Pain                              Faust It's
 5.- 2HB                                          Roxy Music
 6.- People                                            Alfie
 7.- Flim                                         Aphex Twin
 8.- Galileo                                     Mice Parade
 9.- Up The Down Escalator                    The Chameleons
10.- Seven Nation Army    Flaming Lips [Exclusive Recording]
11.- Playground For A Wedgeless Firm   The Chemical Brothers
12.- Saudade                                  Love & Rockets
13.- Monochrome                                         Lush
14.- Sleep Comes Down                       Psychedelic Furs
15.- River Man                                    Nick Drake
16.- On Fire                                         Sebadoh
17.- Pyramid Song                                  Radiohead
18.- I'm Not In Love                                    10CC
19.- Another Green World                           Brian Eno <--  FROM 
20.- The Jist   David Shrigley [Exclusive Spoken Word Piece]

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