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Another Late Night
Fila Brazilia

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Year: 2001
Categorie: Cover
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Azuli Records
Catalog#:	 ALNCD01
 1.- John Barry                      The Persuaders Theme
 2.- Homelife                                     Firefly
 3.- Infesticons                           The Hero Theme
 4.- Prince Alla                            Bucket Bottom
 5.- Mr. Scruff                             Get A Move On
 6.- Marvin Gaye                          T Plays It Cool
 7.- Brian Eno                                   Regiment <--  FROM 
 8.- Beta Band                 The It's Not Too Beautiful
 9.- David Holmes                            Rodney Yates
10.- Fila Brazillia                            Nature Boy
11.- Unforscene                          Nuclear Symphony
12.- Nightmares                          On Wax Les Nuits
13.- Outside                                   Blue Skies
14.- Kelis                                      Suspended
15.- Swingle Sisters       The Prelude & Fugue In C Minor

Additional information:
Brian Eno "REGIMENT"
Written by Brian Eno & David Byrne
produced by Brian Eno / David Byrne 1981 Virgin Records