BEEP discografie entry for Eno Colaboration
Eno Colaboration
Half Man Half Biscuit

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Year: 1996
Categorie: Ref. only
Cover Art Credits:
Ideas: Davies
Done By Gareth
Producer info:
Geoff Davies & H.M.H.B.
Recording Location info:
Naffi HQ
Catalog info:
Vital : PP30CD
1.- Eno Collaboration            <--  sound 
2.- C.A.M.R.A. Man
3.- Get Kramer
4.- Hair Like Brian May Blues

Additional information:
Eno Has Actually Nothing To Do With This Record.
But As Many People Have Asked About It, I Decide To
Include It Into The Discographie As A 'rare Item'

Here Are The Lyrics Of Song 1:

No. 1 in Britain I'm successfull in the states
So 'round the table me and label bosses contemplate
You've got to get a second home and hang with chrissie
Get yourself some Ray-Bans 'cause boy you know it's 
time for your

Eno Collaboration
All across the nation as sure as night follows days

I travelled South america recording different sounds
I danced within an eleven ring of quicksilver delight
Highly influential documentary guaranteed
Who put the 'con' in concept ?

It was me with my Eno collaboration
All across the nation as sure as night folows day.

I know Bono
and he know Ono
and she know's Eno's
phone goes thus;

Brian's not home he's at the North Pole
but if you'd like to leave a weird noise ...

So role up for the Eno Collaboration
All across the nation as sure as night follows day.

Oh, I went from the Andies to the indies in my undies,
A light aircraft was on standby just in case I got 
In monetgo where my ego blocks the sun,
Sing Aurora Borealis ubera alles on toast.