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Songs In The Key Of X

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Year: 1996
Categorie: Film - use on
Cover Art Credits:
Sue Coe, 
Katherine Delaney
Producer info:
David Was
Chris Carter
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
    9 46079-2
 1.- Mark Snow                    X-Files Theme (Main Title)
 2.- Soul Coughing                      Unmarked Helicopters
 3.- Sheryl Crow                              On The Outside
 4.- Foo Fighters                           Down In The Park
 5.- William S. Burroughs & R.E.M.            Star Me Kitten
 6.- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds              Red Right Hand
 7.- Filter                                       Thanks Bro
 8.- Frank Black                                Man Of Steel
 9.- Meat Puppets                                Unexplained
10.- Danzig                                             Deep
11.- Screamin' Jay Hawkins                            Frenzy
12.- Elvis Costello with Brian Eno              My Dark Life <--  ALSO  <--  sound 
13.- Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper  Hands Of Death (BurnBaby Burn)
14.- P.M. Dawn                      If You Never Say Goodbye
15.- X-Files Theme                         (P.M. Dawn Remix)

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Complete/alternate title:

the X Files / Songs In The Key Of X