BEEP discografie entry for In Your Room
In Your Room
Depeche Mode

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Year: 1994
Categorie: Remix/Rock - Single
Cover Art Credits:
Artwork by A. Corbijn
Producer info:
Depeche Mode & Flood
Engineered by Steve Lyon
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
Mute Records
INT 826.784
XLCD Bong 24
1.- In Your Room, The Jeep Rock Mix       6:20
2.- In Your room, Apex Mix                6:43
3.- Higher Love, Adrenaline Mix           7.49

Additional information:
1 remixed by Johnny Dollar & Portishead
2 remixed by Brian Eno & Markus Draws at 
  Westside Recording Studios London.
3 Reconstructed & mixed by Francois Kervorkian 
  & Goh Hotoda at Axis Studios, New York, 
  additional production by Alan Friedman,
  Goh Hotoda & Francis Kervorkian.