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Future Perfect

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Year: 1994
Categorie: Sampler (Various)
Cover Art Credits:
Dave Coppenhal
Producer info:
Recording Location info:
Various Locations
Catalog info:
CD: GYR 6609-2
 1.- Roger Eno                   Domus In Nebulae          
 2.- Roger Eno                   Saint Columbas' Work      
 3.- Any Partridge/Harold Budd   Western Island Of Apples  
 4.- Any Partridge/Harold Budd   Bruegel                   
 5.- Brian Eno                   Stravinski                 <--  ALSO  <--  sound 
 6.- Brian Eno                   Distant Hill               <--  ALSO 
 7.- Brian Eno                   Radiothesia III            <--  ALSO 
 8.- Channel Light Vessel        Testify                   
 9.- Channel Light Vessel        Faint Aroma Of Snow       
10.- Kate St. John               For The Love Of You       
11.- Kate St. John               Your Promised Land        
12.- Bill Nelson                 Big Noise In Twangton     
13.- Bill Nelson                 Her Prescence In Flowers  

Additional information:
Notes to songs 5-6:
Brian Eno & Dereck Jarmann collaborated on various
projects before Dereck's untimely death. Brian Eno's
soundtrack for Glitterbug eloquently captures the 
moods and atmospheres inhertent in the video's journey
of intimacy and discovery. This music from the 
soundtrack will not be released in its entirety and 
the version of the tracks that appear here are 
exclusive to this compilation.