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Roedelius & Friends

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Year: 1994
Categorie: Collaboration
Cover Art Credits:
Producer info:
Roedelius & Eric Spitzer
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
CD:Multimood Records
   MRC 016
 1.- Minotaurus              5:54
 2.- The Old And The Young   4:08
 3.- Captured By Letters     5:29
 4.- Quaint Man              4:00
 5.- The Blind               3:16
 6.- Long Run               13:12 <--  sound 
 7.- La Tour                 5:58
 8.- Face Of A City          5:52
 9.- A Fascinating Man      13:42
10.- Dance                   4:31

Additional information:
Participating Friends/Musicians/Co-Composers:
Nicola Alesini                            Soprano/sax
Joao De Bruco                              Percussion
Fabio Cappani                                  Guitar 
Brian Eno                    Guitar,Bass,Synthesizers
Mark Lintern-harris                       Composition
Stanislaw Michalak                  Electrocontrabass
Dieter Moebius                            Synthesizers
Hermann Rid                   Alto And Tenor Saxophone
Roedelius              Keyboards,Piano,Studio Technics
Michael Rother       Drum Machine,Guitar, Synthesizers

Captured By Letters And Long Run Are Pieces Which 
Were Created, At The Very Beginning Of The 
Collaboration/friendship With Brian Eno, By Harmonia 
And Eno In 1975, But Never Finished And Released Since
Them. I Modified Anddefinied Them For The Use In These
Two Theaterplays.