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Seducing Down The Door (cd2)
John Cale

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Year: 1994
Categorie: Compilation (Other)
Cover Art Credits:
Design: Geoff Gans
Producer info:
Compilation for release:
Barry Alfonso &
Geoff Gans
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
Rhino: R2 71685
 1.- Jack The Ripper                  
 2.- Hedda Gabler
 3.- Walking The Dog                  
 4.- Dead Or Alive
 5.- Strange Times In Casablanca 
 6.- Taking Your Life In Your Hands   
 7.- Thoughtless Kind
 8.- Chinese Envoy
 9.- Caribbean Sunset                       
10.- Waiting For The Man
11.- Ooh La La
12.- Everytime The Dogs Bark
13.- Dying On The Vine
14.- The Soul Of Carmen Miranda              <--  FROM  <--  sound 
15.- One Word (w/ Brian Eno)                 <--  FROM 
16.- Cordoba (w/ Brian Eno)                  <--  FROM 
17.- Trouble With Classicist (w/ Lou Reed)
18.- Faces And Names (w/ Lou Reed)

Additional information:
Part 2 of 
the Boxed cd set (of 2 Cd's)