BEEP discografie entry for Acadie
Daniel Lanois

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Year: 1989
Categorie: Collaboration
Cover Art Credits:
Jeri Heiden
Photo:Lynn Goldsmith
Producer info:
Daniel Lanois
Recording Location info:
New Orleans; additional 
recordings at Wilderness
Studio, Woodbridge, UK, 
STS Studio, Dublin, 
Ireland, and
Grand Avenue Studio,
Hamilton, Canada.
Catalog info:
CD: OPAL / WB  9 25969-2
LP: Warner Brothers:
    925 969-1
 1.- Still Water               4:28 <--  sound 
 2.- The Maker                 4:13
 3.- O Marie                   3:13
 4.- Jolie Lousie              2:41
 5.- Fisherman's Daughter      2:45
 6.- White Mustang II          2:54
 7.- Under A Stormy Sky        2:19
 8.- Where The Hawkind Kills   3:50
 9.- Silium's Hill             3:00
10.- Ice                       4:24
11.- St Ann's Gold             3:29
12.- Amazing Grace             3:47

Additional information:
1: Daniel Lanois     Guitar,Vocals,Drums
   Malcolm Burn      Guitar
   Tony Hall         Bass
   Adam Clayton      Bass Guitar
   Larry Mullen Jr.  Drums
   Brian Eno         Background Vocals
6: Daniel Lanois     Guitar,Percussion
   Brian Eno         Keyboard
   James May         Trumpet
8: Daniel Lanois     Guitar,Vocals
   Brian Eno         Synthesizer
   Malcolm Burn      Strings,Drum-Treatments
11:Daniel Lanois     Guitar,Vocals
   Pierre Marchand   Keyboard
   Brian Eno         synt
   Roger Eno         Piano
12:Daniel Lanois     Vocals,Percussion
   Aaron Neville     Vocals
   Brian Eno         Keyboard,Treatments

Song WHITE MUSTANG II written by Lanois & Eno