BEEP discografie entry for Set Me Free
Set Me Free

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Year: 1989
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Producer info:
Brian Eno
Recording Location info:
Strong Room, London; mixed
at the Wilderness Studio,
Woodbridge, UK, p. 1989
Catalog info:
LP: London 828 148-1
       cd: 828 148-2
 1.- Napoli
 2.- You Can Have Him               <--  ALSO 
 3.- I Have Fallen In Love          <--  ALSO 
 4.- I'm Over You                   <--  ALSO 
 5.- God Put Your Hand On Me        <--  ALSO 
 6.- Take It For Granted            <--  ALSO 
 7.- Circles
 8.- If Birds Can Fly
 9.- One Fine Day
10.- Onward
11.- Life Is Hard
12.- The Waterfall

Additional information:
Carmel McCourt    Vocals,keyboard on song 2
Fayyaz Virji      Keyboard;strings on song 1
Jim Paris         Bass Guitar
Gerry Darby       Drums,Percussion
Brian Eno         Keyboard on song 2 and mix
Note: Song 2 appears on an LP 
(Cat. No. London 828 219-1)
"COLLECTED" as "And I take it for granted" 4:29
Which is a a re-recorded and re-arranged version.
The musicians credits are:
Carmel McCourt       Vocals
Fayyaz Virji         Keyboard
Robert Ahwai         Guitar
Jim Paris            Bass Guitar
Gerry Darby          Drums,Percussion
Isaac Osapanin       Percussion
Recorded at Strong Room, London, June 1990
Produced and mixed by Brian Eno
There is also another single (CD) cat. no. 
London LONCD 282 and London 869235-2
which contains among other songs:
  And I take it for granted (Collected version)
  And I take it for granted (7" remix)