BEEP discografie entry for Souvlaki

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Year: 1993
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Photograph by Steve Double
Producer info:
Recording Location info:
1,3,4,5,10 @Protocol 
Studios, London
2,6,8 @ Coutyard Studio
7,9 @ White House Studio
Catalog info:
CD:CRECD 139 a creation 
   record product
 1.- Alison
 2.- Machine Gun
 3.- 40 Days
 4.- Sing                    <--  ALSO  <--  sound 
 5.- Here She Comes          <--  ALSO 
 6.- Souvlaki Space Station 
 7.- When The Sun Hits
 8.- Altogheter
 9.- Melon Yellow
10.- Dagger

Additional information:
This Is An Edition With A Bonus Singles Cd Called
'Blue Day' (cat No: crecdx 101)
Rachel Goswell       Guitar , Vocals
Neil Halstead        Guitar , Vocals
Christian Saville    Guitar
Nick Chaplin         Bass Guitar
Simon Scott          Drums
Treatments And Keyboards On Tracks 4 & 5 
By Brian Eno