BEEP discografie entry for In C
In C
Terry Riley

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Year: 1964
Categorie: Collaboration
Cover Art Credits:
Nancy Hennings, Fernando 
Lippa,Otl Aicher,Wang Heng
Producer info:
Mingyue liang
Exec prod: Eckart Rahm
Recording Location info:
Recorded in Shanghai, 
China, January 13, 1989
Mixed at Sunset Sound 
Factory, Hollywood, March 
Catalog info:
CD: Celestail Harmonies
1.- In C                         28:24 <--  sound 
2.- Music of a thousand springs  23:47
3.- ZEN (Ch'an) of water         15:50

Additional information:
In C: Mixed By Brian Eno, John Hassel And Tery Riley
The Shanghai Film Orchestra; Wang Yongji   Conductor