BEEP discografie entry for When I Was A Boy
When I Was A Boy
Jane Siberry

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Year: 1993
Categorie: Production/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Floria Sigismondi
Jery Heiden
Lyn Bradley
Producer info:
Jane Siberry:2,5,6,7,8,9,11
Brian Eno : 4
Eno/Syberry: 1
Michael Brook: 3
Recording Location info:
Various Locations
Catalog info:
CD:REPRISE: 9 26824-2
 1.- Temple                                4:45 <--  ALSO  <--  sound 
 2.- Calling All Angels                    5:17 <--  ALSO 
 3.- Love Is Everything                    5:50
 4.- Sail Across The Water                 5:22
 5.- All The Candles In The World          3:49
 6.- Sweet Incarnadine                     6:46
 7.- The Gospel According To Darknness     4:51
 8.- An Angel Stepped Down                      <--  ALSO 
             (and Slowly Looked Around)    5:50 <--  ALSO 
 9.- The Vigil (the Sea)                   9:23
10.- Bells                                 1:19
11.- At The Beggining Of Time              7:20
12.- Love Is Everything (Harmony Version)  5:51

Additional information:
 1: Ken Myhr                     Guitars 
    Brian Eno                    Oboe,shaker
    David Ramsden                Vocals
    Glenn Milchem                Drums In Chorus
    Bryant Didier                Bass
    Jamie West                   Oram, Guitar
    James Pinker                 Drums In Verses
    Siberry                      Guitar Noodles,
 2: K.D.Lang                     Vocals
    Teddy Borowiecki             Piano
    Ben Mink                     Viola
    Ken Myhr                     Guitars
    Siberry                      Vocals/Keyboards
 3: Michael Brook                Guitar,Infinite
    James Pinker                 Drums
    Siberry                      Vocals,piano,
 4: Brian Eno                    Fake Hammond,
                                 Digital Tambo,
                                 Guitar Ripples
                                 And Reversals
    James Pinker                 Drums
    Siberry                      Piano,Keys,Vx
 5: Ken Myhr                     Guitars
    Syd Wells                    Drum Loops
    Robert Ahwai                 Bass
    Siberry                      Vocals,Organ
 6: Erdyl Kizilcay               Keyboards (or.
    Ken Myhr                     Guitars
    Siberry                      Vocals
 7: David Ramsden, Holly Cole,
    Rebecca Jenkins,Michael 
    Phillip-Wojewoda,Ken Myhr    Vocals
    Ken Myhr                     Guitars
    Anne Bourne                  Cello
    Robert Alwai                 Bass
    Graham Dickson               Drum Loops
    Siberry                      Vocals And
                                 Noodley Guitar
 8: Rebecca Jenkins, Holly Cole,
    David Ramsden Rebecca Campbell,
    Michael Phillpp-Wojewoda,
    Ken Myhr                     Vocals
    Ken Myhr                     Guitars
    Anne Bourne                  Cello
    Robert Alwai                 Bass
    Sid Wells                    Drum Loops
    Siberry                      Vocals,Keyboards
 9: Rebecca Jenkins, David 
    Ramsden, Paul Douglas        Vocals
    Ken Myhr                     Guitars
    John Switzer                 Bass
    Anne Bourne                  Cello
    Sib                          Vx/keyboards