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20th Aniversary Of Eg

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Year: 1989
Categorie: Compilation (Various)
Cover Art Credits:
(Back cover)
Design: Michael 
Nash Assoc.
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 1.- King Crimson              The Court Of The Crimson King
 2.- Emerson Lake & Palmer     Lucky Man
 3.- T.Rex                     Get It On
 4.- Roxy Music                Virginia Plain         <--  FROM 
 5.- Brian Eno                 St. Elmo's Fire        <--  FROM  <--  sound 
 6.- Love is The Drug          Roxy Music             <--  FROM 
 7.- 801                       Miss Shapiro           <--  FROM 
 8.- Brian Ferry               Let's Stick Togheter   <--  FROM 
 9.- UK                        In The Dead Of Night  
10.- Roxy Music                Dance Away             <--  FROM 
11.- Robert Fripp & Daryl Hall Northstar              <--  FROM 
12.- Brian Eno & David Byrne   America Is Waiting     <--  FROM 
13.- King Crimson              Elephant Talk
14.- Killing Joke              Love Like Blood       
15.- Bryan Ferry               Is Your Love Strong Enough ?
16.- Penguin Cafe Orchestra    Perpetuum Mobile

Additional information:
Note: CD which is available only with the the boxed
set BRIAN ENO '1989', issued in celebration 
of the 20th anniversary of EG Records in 1989:
See this boxed set