BEEP discografie entry for Musique Pour Les Endroits Secrets
Musique Pour Les Endroits Secrets
Brian Eno

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Year: 1988
Categorie: Bootleg
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LP: Shelter 14163
 1.- The Dove               <--  FROM 
 2.- Roman Twilight         <--  FROM 
 3.- Dawn, Marshland        <--  FROM 
 4.- Matta                  <--  FROM 
 5.- Climate Study          <--  FROM 
 6.- Les Endroits Secrets   <--  sound 
 7.- An Ending              <--  FROM 
 8.- Always Returning       <--  FROM 
 9.- Signals                <--  FROM 
10.- Under Stars            <--  FROM 
11.- Drift Study            <--  FROM 
12.- Approaching Taidu      <--  FROM 
13.- Always Returning II    <--  FROM 
14.- Tenderella's Dance    
15.- Gimini Thermal        
16.- Le Temps Retrouve     
17.- Thursday Afternoon     <--  FROM 

Additional information:
Comment: 2-LP bootleg. The liner notes claim that 
the recordings on this bootleg are studio 
outtakes. However, they are presumably a straight 
counterfeit of the LP Brian Eno 'MUSIC FOR FILMS, 
VOL. 2',slightly speeded up and of the three 
previously unreleased tracks from the 12" EP Brian
Eno 'RARITIES' , where the names of the tracks 
have been deliberately changed. In additon, a 
longer excerpt of Brian Eno 'THURSDAY AFTERNOON'
is included.