BEEP discografie entry for The Joshua Tree
The Joshua Tree

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Year: 1987
Categorie: Collaboration/Pop
Cover Art Credits:
Steve averill
(artwork by the creative 
dept. LTD Dublin
Producer info:
Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno
Recording Location info:
Windmill Lane Studios, 
Dublin, Summer 1986 to
early 1987:
Catalog info:
CD: ISLAND 7 90581 2
LP: Island U2 6
    Ariola 208 219
    Island 90581-1
    Island 422-842298-1
 1.- Where The Streets Have No Name              5:35
 2.- I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For  4:38 <--  ALSO  <--  sound 
 3.- With Or Without You                         4:57
 4.- Bullet The Blue Sky                         4:32 <--  ALSO 
 5.- Running To Stand Still                      4:20
 6.- Red Hill Mining Town                        4:51
 7.- In God's Country                            3:37
 8.- Trip Through Your Wires                     3:32
 9.- One Tree Hill                               5:24
10-  Exit                                        4:14
11-  Mother Of The Disappeared                   5:14

Additional information:
Bono Vox       Vocals;Harmonica On Song 8
The Edge       Guitar,Keyboard,Background Vocals
Adam Clayton   Bass Guitar
Larry Mullen   Drums
Brian Eno      Keyboard,DX7 Programs,Background 
Daniel Lanois  Tambourine,
               Omnichord,Guitar,Background Vocals
Recorded by flood
aditional engineering by dave meegan with Pat 
Mixed by steve lilywhite
mix engineered ny mark wallace assisted by Mark