BEEP discografie entry for I Feel You
I Feel You
Depeche Mode

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Year: 1993
Categorie: Remix/Rock - Single
Cover Art Credits:
Producer info:
Depeche Mode & Flood
Recording Location info:
Chateau Du Pape, Hamburg
Mixed at Olympic 
Catalog info:
cd single: Sire 9 40784-2
1.- I Feel You     Too short Mix <--  sound 
2.- I Feel You     Swamp Mix
3.- I Feel You     Afghan Surgery Mix
4.- I Feel You     Helmet at the Helm Mix

Additional information:
Brian Eno is not directly involved on the cd 
"Songs Of Faith and Devotion" from where 
this single is from, though some involvement is 
assumed as he is mentioned on the thanks list.
1&2 Remixed By Brian Eno