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Songs From The Cool World

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Year: 1992
Categorie: Film - use on
Cover Art Credits:
Artwork: TM & Copyright
Producer info:
Executive producer:
Michael Ostin
Song 14: Produced by 
Brian Eno
Recording Location info:
14:The Wilderness Studio, 
Woodbridge, UK, p. 1992
Catalog info:
CD: Warner Bros.9 45009-2
 1.- David Bowie                        Real Cool World
 2.- Thompson Twins                        Play With Me
 3.- Electronic                             Disapponted
 4.- The Future Sound Of London        Papua New Guinea
 5.- Ministry                                     N.W.O
 6.- The Cult                                 The Witch
 7.- My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult    Sex On Wheelz
 8.- Moby                                         Ah-Ah
 9.- Mindless                                  Mindless
10.- Moby                                 Next Is The E
11.- Da Juice                             Do That Thang
12.- My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult   Her Sassy Kiss
13.- Pure                                        Greedy
14.- Brian Eno                                    Under 5:17 <--  FROM  <--  sound 
15.- Tom Bailey                  Industry And Seduction

Additional information:
Song 14: Brian Eno: Vocals,all instruments.