BEEP discografie entry for Modern Songs From Russia
Modern Songs From Russia
Zvuki Mu

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Year: 1989
Categorie: Production/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Yuri Rodin
Producer info:
Brian Eno
Recording Location info:
The Gosteleradio Studios, 
Moscow, November 1988;
mixed at the Air Studios, 
London, January 1989
Catalog info:
LP: Land LAN07
Land Records Land 07
Warner Brothers 925 916-1
1.- The Source Of Infection   2:51
2.- Crazy Queen               3:48
3.- Forgotten Sex             5:41
4.- Zero Minus One            3:13
5.- Leave Me Alone            4:19
6.- Krym                      2:20
7.- Gadopiatikna              6:19
8.- Paper Flowers             3:01
9.- Zima (Winter)             3:03 <--  ALSO  <--  sound 

Additional information:
there is a more recent release (russian) which contains
two additional tracks, one is "Zima (Dance remix)"

Alexei Bortinishuk
Pavel Hotin
Alexander Lipnitski
Anton Marchuk
Alexei Pavlov
Gesha Matveyev
Pasha Hotin
Lyosha Bortnichuk
Shasha Lipnitsky 
Lyova Pavlov