BEEP discografie entry for Scavenger

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Year: 1991
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Jane Higgins, Tony 
Peterson,Chris Peters
Producer info:
Gary Smith
Recording Location info:
At Steve Lawson Studios, 
Seattle,Sep/Oct 90
Add. Recordings At Skyline
Studios,New York
Catalog info:
CD: Caroline SP124b
    Sub Pop SP 124-2
 1.- Dead Man Arise¥
 2.- Stir The Ashes¥
 3.- The Nightwatch¥
 4.- Hangman¥
 5.- Where The Deep Water Goes¥
 6.- Blown Away¥
 7.- Nothing Is A Stranger¥
 8.- Let's Burn Down The Cornfield¥
 9.- River Blood        ¥ <--  ALSO 
10.- Train To Mercy     ¥ <--  ALSO  <--  sound 

Additional information:
The Walkabouts: 
Chris Eckman     Vocals,Guitar
Glenn Slater     Organ,Piano,Synthesizer,Accordion
Michael Wells    Bass Guitar
Carla Torgerson  Vocals,Acoustic And Electric 
Grant Eckman     Drums
Brian Eno        Synthesizers,Background Vocals On 
                 Song 10
Note: Song 10 appeared as
Train to mercy (Gospel mix)    6:22
on a single called "DEAD MAN RISE" , From the 
Walkabouts Cat. No. Sub Pop SP 150B on 1992