BEEP discografie entry for My Squelchy Life
My Squelchy Life
Brian Eno

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Year: 1991
Categorie: Solo/Rock - Unreleased
Cover Art Credits:
n/a presumably there is no cover for this album, here is
the one at
Producer info:
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
Warner Bros. 7599-26504-2
 1.- I Fall Up          <--  ALSO  <--  sound 
 2.- The Harness        <--  ALSO 
 3.- My Squelchy Life   <--  ALSO 
 4.- Tutti Forgetti     <--  ALSO 
 5.- Stiff              <--  ALSO 
 6.- Some Words         <--  ALSO 
 7.- Juju Space Jazz    <--  ALSO 
 8.- Under              <--  ALSO 
 9.- Everybody's Mother
10.- Step Up My Boys   
11.- Little Apricot    
12.- Over               <--  ALSO 

Additional information:
Note: This record has been withdrawn a few weeks 
before the announced release date, September 1991. 
Only promotional copies have been issued. There 
are in total twelve tracks on this record.
Which presumably are the listed ones, four of 
which have been released later on 'NERVE NET' and 
one on the (US) CD single 'ALI CLICK', and in the
soundtrack of "Songs From The Cool World".

"under" was also released on the 2005:
  "Another Day on Earth" Album