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David Bowie

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Year: 1990
Categorie: Compilation (Other)
Cover Art Credits:
Original Album Photograhs:
Brian Duffy, Eric Stephen 
Jacobs, Andy Kent, Sukita 
and Brian Ward
Producer info:
This Compilation:
Jones Music America/Mainman
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
CD:Ryko RCD 20171
 1.- Space Oddity
 2.- John, I'm Only Dancing
 3.- Changes
 4.- Ziggy Stardust
 5.- Suffragette City
 6.- Jean Genie
 7.- Diamond Dogs
 8.- Rebel Rebel
 9.- Young Americans
10.- Fame '90 (remix)
11.- Golden Years
12.- Heroes                               <--  FROM  <--  sound 
13.- Ashes To Ashes     
14.- Fashion           
15.- Let's Dance        
16.- Chinagirl
17.- Modern Love
18.- Blue Jean

Additional information:
Credits of Song 12:
Written by Eno/Bowie
Musicians(only song 3):
David Bowie     Vocals,Keyboard,Guitar,sax,koto
Brian Eno       Synthesizers,Keyboard,Guitar 
Carlos Alomar,
Robert Fripp    Guitar
George Murray   Electric Bass
Dennis Davis    Percussion
Tony Visconti,
Antonia Maass   Background Vocals