BEEP discografie entry for New And Red. Musical Instr.
New And Red. Musical Instr.
David Toop / Max Eastley

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Year: 1975
Categorie: Coll-Production (Obscure)
Cover Art Credits:
Artwork by John Bonis of 
Producer info:
Brian Eno
Recording Location info:
1:  Llanfyllin, North 
Wales, p. 1975
2-4:Wiltshire, p. 1975 
5-7:  Basing Street 
Studios, London, April 12 
& 24, 1975
Catalog info:
LP: Island:Obscure No.4
    EG Obscure  Obs 4
    EG Records EGED 24
Max Eastley:
1.- Hydrophone <--  sound 
2.- Metallophone
3.- The Centriphone
4.- Elastic Aerophone / Centriphone
David Toop:
5.- Do The Bathosphere
6.- The Divination Of The Bowhead Whale
7.- The Chairs Story


Additional information:
Complete Title Is :
"New And Rediscovered Musical Instruments" 
1:  Max Eastley   Hydrophone
2-4:Max Eastley   Metallophone, Centriphone,
5:  David Toop &
    Cetaceans:    Solo Vocals
    Chris Munro,
    Brian Eno,
    Phil Jones    Vocals
6:  David Toop    Prepared Electric Guitar,guitar,
                  Bowed Chordophone
    Hugh Davies   Grill Harp
    Brian Eno     Prepared Bass Guitar
    Paul Burwell  Bass Drums,lorry Hub,2 String 
    Frank Perry   Bells
7:  David Toop    Vocals,flute,water