BEEP discografie entry for The Shutov Assembly
The Shutov Assembly
Brian Eno

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Year: 1992
Categorie: Solo/Ambient
Cover Art Credits:
Image from the video 
painting "Egypt" by Brian 
Eno. Artwork by Brian Eno 
& Greg Jakobek
Producer info:
Brian Eno
Recording Location info:
The Wilderness Studio, 
Woodbridge, UK
Mastered By Tony Cousins 
At Townhouse, London
Catalog info:
CD: Opal/WB 9 45010-2
 1.- Triennale           4:02 <--  ALSO 
 2.- Alhondiga           3:16 <--  ALSO 
 3.- Markgraph           3:39 <--  ALSO 
 4.- Lanzarote           8:37 <--  FROM 
 5.- Francisco           4:44
 6.- Riverside           3:50 <--  ALSO 
 7.- Innocenti           4:19
 8.- Stedelijk           5:26 <--  ALSO 
 9.- Ikebukuro          16:05 <--  ALSO  <--  sound 
10.- Cavallino           3:06 <--  ALSO 

Additional information:
Brian Eno: all instruments
Recorded Between 85 and 90
Song 4 was originally released as "Glint 
(East of Woodbridge) "; a tear out disc
of Artforum Magazine

The album is dedicated to Russian artist Sergei Shutov, and was created as an 
assembly of tracks for him, as he had mentioned to Eno the difficulty he had of 
getting Eno's music in the then-communist Russia.

Shutov is a Russian painter who I know in Moscow, and a while ago he gave me a 
painting as a present. He uses my music in his studio a lot; he's got a little 
blaster there, and plays my music as he's working. So I thought I'd put together 
a tape for him of unreleased pieces from the past few years. I kept a copy of the 
tape, and when I started playing it I started to enjoy it and see a thread running 
through the pieces that I hadn't really seen before. They'd never been put together 
before, you see.

This disk depicts the base of the following installations:

  Triennale - Milan festival where Eno had an installation in 1985.
  Alhondiga - Spanish installation in 1988.
  Markgraph - German exhibition music & light company that helps with installations.
  Lanzarote - Canary Islands, host to a yearly music festival.
  Francisco - Installation at the Exploratorium in 1988.
  Riverside - Riverside Studios in London was the site of a 1986 installation.
  Innocenti - 1987 Florence installation (In Harmonic Space).
  Stedelijk - Amsterdam museum with the video installation of 
              Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan.
  Ikebukuro - Tokyo installation in 1989.
  Cavallino - Venice gallery with 1985 installation

Rykodisc entry says:
"The Shutov Assembly is a journey through Eno's sumptuous audio-visual installations
from around the world, each track touching down on a particular event and atmosphere

Textures, a rare 1989 album intended for use by TV & film
production companies  appear in 
The Shutov Assembly under different names and slightly different mixes. These are:

Cavallino =  The Water Garden 
Alhondiga =  Shaded Water 
Lanzarote =  Suspicions 
Triennale =  Mirage 
Riverside =  Landscape with Haze  
Markgraph =  Suspended Motion  
Stedelijk =  The Wild