BEEP discografie entry for Measure For Measure
Measure For Measure

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Year: 1986
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Photo:Simon Fowler
Art Direction: Norman 
Moore (& design)/Rick
Producer info:
1,2,5: by Rhett Davies
3,4,6:8,9: By David Lord
Recording Location info:
1,2,5: Recorded at the 
Whitehouse, AIR Studios, 
The Town House, London
and Trash Studios, Sydney,
August 1985
3,4,6:8,9:Recorded at 
Crescent Studios, Bath, 
and Livingston Studios, 
London,  August 1985
Catalog info:
CD: Chrysalis :VK 41527
    Regular CD 53180
    Chrysalis CCD 1527
    Ariola 257 690-222 
LP: Ariola 257 690
    Chrysalis F21Y-21527
 1.- No Promises               4:39 <--  ALSO 
 2.- Cross The Border          4:22 <--  ALSO 
 3.- Spanish Gold              4:15
 4.- Paradise                  4:44
 5.- The Flame                 4:45
 6.- Regular Boys              3:31
 7.- Mr. Big                   3:32 <--  ALSO  <--  sound 
 8.- Angel Street              4:44
 9.- Lucky Me                  4:37
10.- Baby, You're So Strange   3:58 <--  ALSO 
11.- Too Late Now              3:12
12.- Into The Wild             4:52

Additional information:
-Note: songs 11 & 12  are availabe on 
the CD issue only.
Iva Davies              Vocals,Guitar,Keyboard
Simon Lloyd             reeds,brass,Keyboard
Andy Quanta             Keyboards,Background Vocals
Robert Kretschmer       Guitar,Guitar Treatments
Brian Eno               Keyboards,Treated Piano,
                        Background Vocals
Guy Pratt               Bass Guitar
Masaki Tanazawa         Drums,Percussion
Steve Jansen            Drums,Percussion on 1,2,5
David Lord              Keyboards,Percussion
Gasper Lawal,
Glen Tommey             Percussion
Stuart Gordon           Strings
Shena Power             Girls Vocals
Note there are two singles available: 
Cat. No.Regular K 9924
With the following songs:
- Baby, you're so strange
- Too late now 
- Into the wild 
this is a 2x7" EP, issued in 1986:

Cat. No. Ariola 608475
With the following Songs:
- Mr. Big (extended version)
- Mr. Big (single version)
- No promises (remix)
Note: this is a  12" EP.