BEEP discografie entry for Flash Of The Spirit
Flash Of The Spirit
Jon Hassell / Farafina

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Year: 1989
Categorie: Production
Cover Art Credits:
Dennis Keeley,
Photo by Debra Di Poalo
Producer info:
Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois & 
Jon Hassell
Recording Location info:
Media Sound Studios, New 
York City, August 1987
Overdubs & mixing at the 
Wilderness Studio, 
Woodbridge, UK,
September/October 1987 & 
February 1988
Catalog info:
    INT 3009 2
    IC 066 791186-1
 1.- Flash of the spirit (Laughter)           5:44 <--  sound 
 2.- Night moves (Fear)                       2:23
 3.- Air afrique (Wind)                       3:59
 4.- Out pours (Kongo) blue (Prayer)          7:10
 5.- Kaboo (Play)                             2:52
 6.- (Like) Warriors everywhere (Courage)     4:43
 7.- Dreamworld (Dance)                       4:52 
 8.- Tales of the near future (Clairvoyance)  4:17
 9.- A vampire dances (Symmetrie)             4:00
10.- Masque (Strength)                       11:43

Additional information:
Jon Hassell          Trumpet,Keyboard
J.A.Deane            Synthesizer-Percussion
Mahama Konate        Balafon
Paco Ye              Djembe
Soungalo Coulibaly   Vocals,Flute,Percussion
Tiawara Keita        Tama,Soucou
Beh Palm,
Seydou Ouattara      Bara-Drum
Baba Diarra          Balafon,Percussion
Souleyname Sanou     Shekere
Daniel Schwartz      Electric-Bass on song 7
BRIAN ENO CREDITS (besides Production):
Carved out and shaped the remaining mixes-often
focusing on various details of the original group 
recordings, eliminating others and creating a new 
feel which might inspire the overdub of a trumpet 
line or keyboard pattern in kind of 
deconstructing/recconstructing process similar 
to the shape giving power of a good film editor.