BEEP discografie entry for Irma
Phillips / Bryars / Orton

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Year: 1978
Categorie: Production (Obscure)
Cover Art Credits:
Artwork by John Bonis of 
Producer info:
Brian Eno
Recording Location info:
Basing Street Studios, 
London, February 1977
Catalog info:
LP: Island:Obscure No.9
    EG Obscure  Obs 9
    EG Records EGED 29
1.- Introduction
2.- Ouverture And Aria
3.- ("I Tell You That's Irma Herself") <--  sound 
4.- First Interlude
5.- Aria
6.- ("Irma You Will Be Mine")
7.- Second Interlude
8.- Chorus ("Love Is Help Mate")
9.- Postlude

Additional information:
The Complete Title Of This Record Is:
Tom Phillips, Gavin Bryars, Fred Orton
IRMA - An Opera by Tom Philips
Music by Gavin Bryars, Libretto by Fred Orton
Howard Skempton (Greenville),
Lucy Skeaping   (Irma)          Vocals
Tom Phillips,
Angela Bryars      Background Vocals
Rory Allam         Clarinet,Background Vocals
Dave Smith         Ten