BEEP discografie entry for Ensemble Pieces
Ensemble Pieces
Hobbs / Adams / Bryars

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Year: 1975
Categorie: Coll-Production (Obscure)
Cover Art Credits:
Artwork by John Bonis of 
Producer info:
Brian Eno
Recording Location info:
1:Recorded at The 
Conservatory of Music at
the Museum of  Art, San
Francisco, March 
23, 1973
Catalog info:
LP: Island:Obscure No.2
    EG Obscure  Obs 2
    EG Records EGED 22
1.- Aran                              Christopher Hobbs <--  sound 
2.- American Standard                 John Adams
    (1) John Philip Sousa
    (2) Christian Zeal And Activity
    (3) Sentimentals  

3.- McCrimmon Will Never Return       Christopher Hobbs
4.- 1, 2, 1-2-3-4                     Gavin Bryars

Additional information:
Complete Authors Of This Record Are:
Hobbs Christopher, John Adams And Gavin Bryars
Eno : Voices & Production
1:The New Music Ensemble of The San Francisco 
  Conservatory of Music;
  John Adams:        Conductor
2:Christopher Hobbs  Bells,triangles,toy piano
  John White         Reed Organ,Toy 
  Gavin Bryars       Reed Organ,triangles,wood 
3:Christopher Hobbs,
  Gavin Bryars       Reed Organ
4:Paul Nieman        Trombone
  Andy Mackay        Oboe
  Stuart Deeks       Violin
  Cornelius Cardew   Cello
  Christopher Hobbs  Piano
  Derek Bailey       Guitar
  Gavin Bryars       Bass
  Mike Nicholls      Drums
  Celia Gollin,
  Brian Eno          Vocals