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Captain Lockheed ...
Robert Calvert

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Year: 1974
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Pierre Tubs
Robert Calvert
Stanilsaw Fernandes
Producer info:
Roy Baker
Recording Location info:
Island and Olympic 
Studios, London, March 
1973 to January 1974
Dialogues recorded at 
Radio Luxembourg's Studios
Catalog info:
LP:BGO Records BGOLP 5
   United Artis. :
   UAG 29507
   United Artists:
   LMP 1011 
cd:BGO BG0CD65
 1.-Franz Joseph Strauss, Defense Minister, 
    Reviews The Luftwaffe  In 1958: Finding It 
    Somewhat Lacking In Image Potential          1:50
 2.-The Aerospaceage Inferno                     4:05 <--  sound 
 3.-Aircraft Salesman (A Door In The Foot)       2:00
 4.-The Widow Maker                              2:40
 5.-Two Test Pilots Discuss The Starfighter's 
    Performance                                  0:45
 6.-The Right Stuff                              4:20
 7.-Board Meeting (Seen Through A Control Lense) 1:00
 8.-The Song Of The Gremlins (Part One)          3:15
 9.-Ground Crew (Last Minute Reassembly 
    Before Take Off)                             2:50
10.-Hero With A Wing                             3:40
11.-Ground Control To Pilot                      0:45
12.-Ejection                                     3:30
13.-Interview / The Widow's Song                 3:45
14.-I Resign                                     0:40
15.-The Song Of The Gremlins (Part Two)          3:15
16.-Bier Garten                                  0:35
17.-Catch A Falling Starfighter                  2:50

Additional information:
The Complete Title Of This Record Is 
"Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters"
Robert Calvert       Vocals,Percussion
Nik Turner           Sax
Brian Eno            Synthesizers,Electronic
Del Dettmar          Synthesizer
Paul Rudolph,Lemmy   Guitar,Bass Guitar
Simon King           Drums
The Ladbroke Grove,
Hermaphroditic Voice 
Ensemble             Background Vocals
Vivian Stanshall,
Jim Capaldi,
Tom Mittledorf,
Richard Ealing,
Robert Calvert        Voice
Dave Brook            Guitar On Song 4
Adrian Wagner         Keyboard On Song 8
Arthur Brown          Vocals On Song 8
Twink                 Drums On Song 17

-Note: Brian Eno is credited with his (full)
 first name, as 
Brian Peter George St.John le Baptiste de la Salle
Note: A 7" single appeared before this album 
      (United Artists UP 35543 which presumably 
      are preliminary versions of songs which 
      later appeared on this album, the song
      listing is:
1.- Ejection                               3:46
2.- Catch a falling starfighter (and the gremlin) 
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London, p. July 1973
Produced by Dr. Technical (possibly Brian Eno)
-Note: Brian Eno is not credited on this 7" single,
though he obviously played on these