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Little Red Record
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Year: 1972
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Producer info:
Robert Fripp
Executive Producer: 
Sean Murphy
Recording Location info:
CBS Studios, London, 
August 1972
Catalog info:
LP: CBS S 65260
    Columbia 32148
russian CD edition is availableunder 
the ARS NOVA label
 1.- Gloria Gloom                                  8:07
 2.- God Song                                      2:59
 3.- Flora Fidgit                                  3:27
 4.- Smoke Signal                                  6:40
 5.- Starting In The Middle Of The Day                 
                 We Can Drink Our Politics Away    2:30
 6.- Marchides                                     8:25
 7.- Nan True's Hole                               3:36
 8.- Righteous Rhumba                              2:51
 9.- Brandy As In Benj                             4:24

Additional information:
Dave McRae            Electric Piano,Organ
Brian Eno             VCS3 (Synhesizer)
Phil Miller           Guitar
Bill McCormick        Bass Guitar
Robert Wyatt          Drums,Vocals
Dave Gale,
Ruby Crystal,
Little Honest Injun   Voice