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More Songs About Buildings and...
Talking Heads

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Year: 1978
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Producer info:
Brain Eno & Talking Heads
Recording Location info:
Compass Point Studios, 
Nassau, Bahamas, March &
April 1978
Catalog info:
CD: SIRE SIR M5 6058
LP: Sire SRK 6058
    WEA-Sire K 56531
    Ariola 26383 XOT
    WEA-Sire K 56532
 1.- Thank You For Sending Me An Angel    2:11
 2.- With Our Love                        3:30
 3.- The Good Thing                       3:03
 4.- Warning Sign                         3:55 <--  ALSO 
 5.- The Girls Want To Be With The Girls  2:37
 6.- Found A Job                          5:00
 7.- Artist Only                          3:34
 8.- I'm Not In Love                      4:33
 9.- Stay Hungry                          2:39
10.- Take Me To The River                 5:00 <--  ALSO 
11.- The Big Country                      5:30 <--  ALSO  <--  sound 

Additional information:
The Complete Title Of This Record Is:
"More Songs About Buildings And Food"
David Byrne     Vocals,Guitar,Synthesized-
Jerry Harrison  Piano,Organ,Synthesizers,
                Guitar,Background Vocals
Brian Eno       Synthesizers,Piano,
                Background Vocals
Tina Weymouth   Bass Guitar
Chris Frantz    Drums,Percussion
Tina And The 
Typing Pool     Vocals  On Song 3
Note: A 7" single appeared as Sire SRE 1032 on 
1978 with the following songs:
1.- Take me to the river (edit)    3:36
2.- Thank you for sending me an angel