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Married To The Mob

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Year: 1988
Categorie: Film - use on
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Recording Location info:
10: The Wilderness Studio,
Catalog info:
Warner Brothers 925 763-1
 1.- New Order                 Bizarre Love Triangle
 2.- Tom Tom         Club Devil Does Your Dog Bite ?
 3.- Q. Lazzarus                      Goodbye Horses
 4.- O'connor Sinead               Jump In The River
 5.- Harry Debbie                          Liar,Liar
 6.- Voodooist Corporation           Queen Of Voodou
 7.- Isaak Chris                   Suspicion Of Love
 8.- Marley Ziggy & The Melody Makers      Time Bums
 9.- The Feelies                        Too Far Gone
10.- Eno Brian              You Don't Miss Your Water  3:47 <--  ALSO  <--  sound 

Additional information:
Song 10:
Brian Eno      Vocals,synt
Roger Eno      Keyboard
Daniel Lanois  Steel-Guitar