BEEP discografie entry for Yellow Moon
Yellow Moon
Neville Brothers

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Year: 1989
Categorie: Collaboration
Cover Art Credits:
Tony Fitzpatrick, Jeff 
Gold, Mary Maurer
Producer info:
Daniel Lanois
Recording Location info:
Daniel Lanois Studio On 
The Move    
Mobile Recording Studio, 
Usa, 1989
Catalog info:
CD: AM CD 5240
LP: A&M Records 395 240-1
 A&M Records 75021-5240-1
 1.- My Blood                    4:11
 2.- Yellow Moon                 4:04
 3.- Fire And Brimstone          3:57
 4.- A Change Is Gonna Come      3:43 <--  sound 
 5.- Sister Rosa                 3:29
 6.- With God On Our Side        6:37
 7.- Wake Up                     3:21
 8.- Voo Doo                     4:26
 9.- The Ballad Of Hollis Brown  5:45
10.- Will The Circle Be Unbroken 5:16
11.- Healing Chant               4:34
12.- Wild Injuns                 3:17

Additional information:
Aaron Neville      Vocals,Keyboard,Percussion
Art Neville        Vocals,Keyboard
Charles Neville    Sax,Percussion,Background 
Cyril Neville      Vocals,Drums,Percussion
Brian Stoltz       Guitar,Percussion,Background 
Tony Hall          Bass Guitar,Percussion,
                   Background Vocals
Willie Green       Drums
Daniel Lanois,
Malcolm Burn       Guitar,Keyboard,Background 
Brian Eno          Keyboard,Treatments, sound 
                   effects, spiritual voice
                   on Song 4
Terry Manual,
Aashid Himmons     Keyboard  On Song 5
Kenyatta Simon,
Kufaru Mouton      Percussion On Song 1
The Dirty Dozen 
Brass Band         Group Horns