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Pure Moods

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Year: 1994
Categorie: Compilation (Various)
Cover Art Credits:
Illustration: Jo Cheese
Art: Anthem
Producer info:
Virgin Records
Recording Location info:
Catalog info:
CD: Virgin VTCD28
    7243 8 39659 2 2
    LC 3098
 1.- Enigma                            Return To Innocence
 2.- Deep Forest                             Sweet Lullaby
 3.- Jan Hammer                           Crockett's Theme
 4.- Jean Michael Jarre                   Oxygen (part IV)
 5.- Enya                                     Orinoco Flow
 6.- Mike Oldfield                    Tubular Bells (edit)
 7.- Vangelis                             Chariots Of Fire
 8.- Michael Nyman                    Theme From The Piano
 9.- Ennio Morricone                               Chi Mai
10.- Barrington Pheloung    Theme From The Inspector Morse
11.- Enigma                                        Sadness
12.- The Orb                          Little Fluffy Clouds
13.- Praise                                       Only You
14.- Malcolm McLaren                           Aria On Air
15.- David A. Stewart                        Lily Was Here
16.- Kenny G                                      Songbird
17.- Ryuchi Sakamoto          Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
18.- Angelo Badalamenti                   Twin Peaks Theme
19.- Ennio Morricone                Theme From The Mission
20.- Brian Eno                         Another Green World <--  FROM  <--  sound 

Additional information:
Concept and compilation:
Ashley abram for Box Music Ltd.