BEEP discografie entry for Exposure
Robert Fripp

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Year: 1979
Categorie: Collaboration/Rock
Cover Art Credits:
Producer info:
Robert Fripp
Recording Location info:
The Hit Factory, New York
City, January 1978 to
January 1979
Catalog info:
LP: Polydor  PD-1-6201
    EG Records EGLP 101
    EG Records EGLP 41
    Polydor 2302092
    Carol 1557-2 
More Covers: M
 1.- Preface                                          1:20
 2.- You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarrete                   2:23 <--  sound 
 3.- Breathless                                       4:41
 4.- Disengage                                        2:46
 5.- North Star                                       3:08 <--  ALSO 
 6.- Chicago                                          2:12
 7.- Ny3                                              2:16
 8.- Mary                                             2:06
 9.- Exposure                                         4:25
10.- HŠaden Two                                       2:53
11.- Urban Landscape                                  2:35
12.- I May Not Have Enough Of Me But I've Had Enough      
     From You                                         3:50
13.- First Inaugural Address To The I.A.C.E.               <--  ALSO 
     Sherborne House                                  0:03
14.- Water Music I                                    1:27 <--  ALSO 
15.- Here Comes The Flood                             3:54
16.- Water Music II                                   4:16
17.- Postscript                                       0:37

Additional information:
   Brian Eno        Syntheziser
   Robert Fripp     Frippertronics,Guitar
   Sid Mcginness    Guitar
   Tony Levin       Bass Guitar
   Jerry Marotta,
   Phil Collins     Drums
   Narada Michael 
   Walden           Drums,Percussion
   Peter Hammill    Vocals On 4,6,12
   Daryl Hall,
   Terre Roche      Vocals
   Barry Andrews    Keyboard
   J.G.Bennett      Voice
15:Brian Eno        Syntheziser
   Robert Fripp     Frippertronics
   Peter Gabriel    Vocals,Piano
5: Brian Eno        Syntheziser
   Robert Fripp     Guitar
   Sid Mcginness    Pedal Steel-Guitar
   Tony Levin       Bass Guitar
   Phil Collins     Drums
   Daryl Hall       Vocals

Eno: Synthezisers, Advice And 
Plays The Synthesizer And Does
Additional Backing Vocals On 'Here Comes The Flood'