BEEP discografie entry for Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Brian Eno

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Year: 2010
Categorie: Solo
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Warp records
Japan: Opal  BRLL-077
 1.- Emerald and Lime
 2.- Complex Heaven
 3.- Small Craft on a Milk Sea
 4.- Flint March
 5.- Horse
 6.- 2 Forms of Anger
 7.- Bone Jump 
 8.- Dust Shuffle
 9.- Paleosonic
10.- Slow Ice, Old Moon
11.- Lesser Heaven
12.- Calcium Needles
13.- Emerald and Stone
14.- Written, Forgotten
15.- Late Anthropocene 

16.- Invisible (japan Version only)

16.- Loose Rein (Bonus Track at Itunes store)

Extra tracks on de luxe package:
 1.- Surfacing
 2.- Square Chain
 3.- Bimini Twist
 4.- Abandoned Ship

Additional information:
The work in this collection is a result of an occasional collaboration between myself, 
Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins. The two of them are gifted young player/composers whose 
work, like mine, is intimately connected to the possibilities and freedoms of electronic
music. Over the last few years we've worked together several times, enjoying exploring
the huge new sonic territories now available to musicians. Mostly the pieces on this 
album resulted not from 'composition' in the classical sense, but from improvisation. 
The improvisations are not attempts to end up with a song, but rather with a landscape, 
a feeling of a place and perhaps the suggestion of an event. In a sense they 
deliberately lack 'personality': there is no singer, no narrator, no guide as to what 
you ought to be feeling. If these pieces had been used in films, the film would 
complete the picture. As they stand, they are the mirror-image of silent movies
- sound-only movies.'--Brian Eno 

an EP was issed with  additional material from this recording: Panic of Looking