BEEP discografie entry for Making Space
Making Space
Brian Eno

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Year: 2010
Categorie: Solo/Ambient
Cover Art Credits:
Brian Eno & Nick Robertson
Producer info:
published by Opal music limited
except in North America by Upala Music
Recording Location info:
mastered at Soundmasters by
Kevin Metcalfe
Catalog info:
Lumen London LL077
1.- Needle Click                          4:09
2.- Light Legs                            3:38
3.- Flora And Fauna/Gleise 581d           3:56
4.- New Moon                              4:03
5.- Vanadium                              1:56
6.- All The Stars Were Out                3:53
7.- Hopeful Timean Intersect              5:13
8.- World Without Wind                    5:24
9.- Delightful Universe (Seen From Above) 7:33

Additional information:
This CD is issued at  the installation 
of 77 Millones de Pinturas at
The Diego Rivera ANAHUACALLI MUSEM, Mexico city

All composition by Brian Eno, except
3,4,5 by Brian Eno & Leo Abrahams
7 by brian Eno, Tim Harries and  Leo Abrahams

All instruments by Brian Eno except 
3,4,7  Leo Abrahams on guitar
7 Tim Harries on Bass