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Shutter Island OST

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Year: 2010
Categorie: Film - use on
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		Rhino Records
		ASIN: B002MJM87K
 1.- Ingram Marshall                Fog Tropes 
 2.- Krysztof Penderecki            Symphony No. 3 - IV. Passacaglia - Allegro moderato 
 3.- John Cage                      Music for Marcel Duchamp 
 4.- Nam June Paik                  Hommage  John Cage 
 5.- Gyrgy Ligeti                  Lontano 
 6.- Morton Feldman                 Rothko Chapel 2 
 7.- Johnnie Ray                    Cry 
 8.- Max Richter                    On the Nature of Daylight 
 9.- Giacinto Scelsi Uaxuctum       III. [untitled] 
10.- Gustav Mahler                  Quartet in A minor for piano and strings 
 1. John Adams                      Christian Zeal and Activity 
 2. Lou Harrison                    Suite for Symphonic Strings - IX. Nocturne 
 3. Brian Eno                       Lizard Point       
 4. Alfred Schnittke - Four Hymns   II. For Cello and Double Bass 
 5. John Cage                       Root of an Unfocus 
 6. Ingram Marshall                 Alctraz - I. Prelude: The Bay 
 7. Lonnie Johnson                  Tomorrow Night 
 8. Max Richter/Dinah Washington    On the Nature of Daylight/This Bitter Earth

Additional information:
Disc: 1
1. Fog Tropes (Orchestra of St. Lukes, conducted by John Adams)
2. Symphony #3: Passacaglia - Allegro Moderato (National Polish Radio Symphony, 
   conducted by Antonio Wit)
3. Music For Marcel Duchamp (Philipp Vandre, prepared piano)
4. Hommage a John Cage (Nam June Paik)
5. Lontano (Wiener Philharmoniker, conducted by Claudio Abbado)
6. Rothko Chapel 2 (UC Berkeley Chamber Chorus)
7. Cry (Johnny Ray)
8. On The Nature Of Daylight (Max Richter)
9. Uaxuctum: The Legend Of The Mayan City Which They Themselves Destroyed For Religious
    Reasons - 3rd M (Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra; Peter Rundel, conductor)
10. Quartet For Strings And Piano In A Minor (Prazak Quartet)
Disc: 2
1. Christian Zeal and Activity (John Adams / Edo de Waart & San Francisco Symphony)
2. Suite For Symphonic Strings: Nocturne (The New Professionals Orchestra, conducted 
   by Rebecca Miller)
3. Lizard Point (Brian Eno)
4. Four Hymns, II For Cello And Double Bass (Torleif Thedeen & Entcho Radoukanov)
5. Root Of An Unfocus (John Cage)
6. Prelude - The Bay (Ingram Marshall)
7. Tomorrow Night (Lonnie Johnson)
8. This Bitter Earth / On The Nature Of Daylight (Dinah Washington & Max Richter)