BEEP discografie entry for Cut-off

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Year: 2005
Categorie: Collaboration
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ISBN 7-88079-766-1
 1.- Die in 1977
 2.- A death-bed song
 3.- Boys in cage
 4.- If the monkey becomes (to be) the king
 5.- TV show (hang the police)
 6.- Laugh from the time

Additional information:
Re-TROS have been gigging around Beijing for the last two years under the name 
Re-establishing the Rights of Statues  before releasing this debut album on the 
Badhead label and simplifying their name in the process, thank god. Indeed, 
simplification best describes their brand of post-punk, reminiscent of late 1970s 
David Bowie with elements of Joy Division. 

On Cut-Off!, this neo-punk trio delivers 
six tracks running thirty minutes: tight, straightforward guitar riffs, un-fussy 
base lines and solid drumming. Minimalism, however doesn' t necessarily mean 
minimal quality. Indeed, the band's meticulously-polished sound owes a lot to 
Brian Eno. While on a visit to China in October last year, the legendary producer
of David Bowie, U2 and Depeche Mode added color and texture to the Beijing band's
 sound and even mixed in some keyboard on a couple of tracks. Nor, for that matter, 
are the English lyrics simple. Indeed, each song tells a different story. 

If the Monkey Becomes the King  refers to the famous novel Journey to the West 
while alluding to the stupidity of mankind; while  TV Show  offers a somewhat 
bitter challenge to authority. All said, this release will appeal to the band's
 already large following (built on the back of their stunning live performances) 
but its minimal running time will leave them craving for more.