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Sampler BMG
Brian Eno

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Year: 2003
Categorie: Compilation (Solo)
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 1.- Mother Whale Eyeless       <--  FROM 
 2.- I'll Come Running          <--  FROM 
 3.- Delta Rain Dream           <--  FROM 
 4.- King's Lead Hat            <--  FROM 
 5.- Sparrowfall (3)            <--  FROM 
 6.- Here He Comes              <--  FROM 
 7.- The Jezebel Spirit         <--  FROM 
 8.- 1/1                        <--  FROM 
 9.- Third Uncle                <--  FROM 
10.- Another Green World        <--  FROM 
11.- Here Come The Warm Jets    <--  FROM 
12.- Mountain Of Needles        <--  FROM 
13.- Taking Tiger Mountain      <--  FROM 
14.- Becalmed                   <--  FROM 

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Label: BMG BMGPUB038
Genre: AMB;MSO
Item Number: ENOCDBR270331
Release Country: USA
Release Date: 2003
BRIAN ENO Brian Eno (2003 US promo-only 14-track publishing sampler
    picture CD featuring all the classic hits including 
Here Come The    Warm Jets superb custom glossy picture sleeve with 
biography and    extensive notes on each track a great collectors piece! BMG
PUB038) Tracklisting: