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All This Useless Beauty
Elvis Costello

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Year: 1996
Categorie: Compilation (Other)
Cover Art Credits:
Producer info:
Producers include: Elvis Costello, Geoff 
Emerick, Brian Eno, 
The Attractions,

 Lee Olsen.

 Reissue producers: Gary Stewart, Val 

Engineers include: Geoff Emerick,
Jon Jacobs, Sam Gibson.
Recording Location info:
Principally recorded 
at Windmill Lane 
Studios, Dublin, Ireland and Westside 
Studios, London, 
Catalog info:
 Mfg's Catalog#: 74284
 CDC Part#: 583202
 1.- The Other End of the Telescope              4:06
 2.- Little Atoms                                3:58
 3.- All This Useless Beauty                     4:39
 4.- Complicated Shadows                         4:43
 5.- Why Can't A Man Stand Alone?                3:14
 6.- Distorted Angel                             4:31
 7.- Shallow Grave                               2:07
 8.- Poor Fractured Atlas                        4:02
 9.- Starting To Come To Me                      2:43
10.- You Bowed Down                              4:55
10.- It's Time                                   6:00
11.- I Want to Vanish                            3:16
Bonus disc (2001 Rhino):
 1.- Almost Ideal Eyes                           4:23
 2.- My Dark Life       (with Brian Eno)         6:25 <--  FROM 
 3.- That Day Is Done  (with The Fairfield Four) 5:11
 4.- What Do I Do Now?                           4:29
 5.- The Bridge I Burned                         5:23
 6.- It's Time (Demo)                            4:00
 7.- Complicated Shadows (Demo)                  2:27
 8.- You Bowed Down (Demo)                       4:21
 9.- Mistress and Maid (Demo)                    2:20
10.- Distorted Angel (Demo)                      2:33
11.- World's Greatest Optimist (Demo)            2:34
12.- The Only Flame in Town (Demo)               4:14
13.- The Comedians (Demo)                        3:09
14.- The Days Take Care of Everything (Demo)     4:00
15.- Hidden Shame (Demo)                         3:59
16.- Why Can't a Man Stand Alone (Demo)          3:01
17.- Distorted Angel (Tricky Remix)              5:35

Additional information:
Full performer name: Elvis Costello & The Attractions.

Song Credits:
 1.- (Costello, Aimee Mann) 
 2.- (MacManus)  
 6.- (MacManus)   
 7.- (MacManus, Paul McCartney)
 9.- (MacManus) 

Bonus disc (2001 Rhino):

 2.- (with Brian Eno) 
 3.- (MacManus, McCartney)
 4.- (Louise Wener)  
 9.- (MacManus, McCartney)  
10.- (MacManus)  
11.- (Costello, Mann)
17.- (MacManus)  

The 2001 edition of ALL THIS USELESS BEAUTY comes with a bonus disc of rare material
including demos and alternative versions of songs. Many of the tracks on the original
release were written by Elvis Costello for other artists to record.

Elvis Costello & The Attractions: Elvis Costello (vocals, acoustic, electric & guitars,
celesta, keyboards, bass); Pete Thomas (acoustic guitar, drums, percussion); 
Steve Nieve (piano, keyboards, programming, sequencing); Bruce Thomas (bass).

Additional personnel includes: Brian Eno, The Fairfield Four, The Brodsky Quartet.

After years of radical stylistic detours, Costello reunited with the Attractions for 
BRUTAL YOUTH, seeming to prove that Tom Wolfe was right about not being able to go 
home again. That album's followup, ALL THIS USELESS BEAUTY, is a logic-defying marvel,
finding Costello and the Attractions at the peak of their powers. Though some of the
arrangements hark back to THIS YEAR'S MODEL, EC and the boys don't really try to 
revisit the past. Rather, they apply the musical lessons they've learned over the 
years to create a new,
more mature sound that still bears their unique sonic trademark.

 The song selection here is a bit of a grab bag, as many of these tunes were written
 by Costello for other artists, but there's such a consistency and vitality to the 
material that it all seems to be of a piece. 'Why Can't a Man Stand Alone' is an 
emotive soul ballad that shows Costello's '60s R&B roots. 'Complicated Shadows' has
 a whisper-to-a-scream arrangement that shows off the band's dynamic facility. The 
harmonically sophisticated ballad 'I Want to Vanish' is proof positive that Costello
 really is the Gershwin of the post-punk generation.