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9 1/2 Weeks OST

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Year: 1986
Categorie: Film - use on
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		ASIN: B000002UCU
 1.- I Do What I Do (Main Theme)  John Taylor
 2.- Best Is Yet to Come          Lub a
 3.- Slave to Love                Bryan Ferry
 4.- Black on Black               Dalbello
 5.- Eurasian Eyes                Corey Hart
 6.- You Can Leave Your Hat On    Joe Cocker
 7.- Bread and Butter             Devo
 8.- This City Never Sleeps       Eurythmics
 9.- Cannes                       Stewart Copeland
10.- Let It Go                    Luba
Here's a list of songs in the movie that didn't make it on 
the album:
1.- Love and Happiness            Al Green 
2.- The Strayaway Child           Andy Narell 
3.- Savior                        Winston Grennan(reggae song) 
4.- Strange Fruit                 Billie Holiday 
5.- Music for Airports 1/1        Brain Eno  <--  FROM 
6.- Apregiater                    Jean Michel Jarre 
7.- Voices                        Roger Eno  <--  FROM